Troubleshooting / FAQ

How do I install the driver?
Windows 8: Driver is not needed.
Windows XP / Vista / 7: Connect your 3DS to your computer first and close any windows that pop up before running the installer. If you prefer to do a manual installation, driver files are available here.

How to record stuff?
The provided software (3ds_capture.exe) can save AVI files. The board won't appear as a standard capture device (like a webcam, etc) to other software. If you want to use another program for recording, you'll need one capable of doing screen capture (Camtasia, Fraps, XSplit, etc) or install a DirectShow screen capture filter.

Video has poor quality or doesn't record smoothly.

I can't hear audio on my PC / audio isn't being recorded.
If the volume slider is disabled, install the DirectX Runtime. For other audio recording issues, see here.

Is there a warranty? What if it breaks?
I don't charge for repairs. If there is anything wrong with the capture board, you can always send it back to get it fixed.

Intermittent connection problems
If the capture card frequently disconnects, either the cable or USB connector on the board is likely worn out. Try a different USB cable if you have one. If that doesn't help, the USB connector on the board may need to be replaced.

USB performance issues
Don't use a USB hub if possible. Connect the capture card directly to your computer.
A USB port on the back of your computer (if it's a desktop) may work better than in the front.
A USB 2.0 port may work better than a 3.0 port. A few motherboards have been reported to not work well with 3.0.
If a lot of other USB devices are also in use, it might help to remove them.
If you're recording to an external USB hard drive, try to make sure the drive and capture card are not on the same USB hub (plug one device into the front of your computer, and the other in the back.)

For more help, check the Tech Support forum.